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For the Dark Souls III variant, see Flynn's Ring (Dark Souls III).

Flynn's Ring is a ring in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Ring of Flynn, the infamous thief. Utilizes the strength of the wind, such that lower equip load proportionally increases physical attack.
Flynn was known as a tiny fighter who packed a mighty punch. Even the most skilled warriors in the land failed to capture him.


Found in a metal chest in the Dragon's Sanctum, above the room with Corrosive Egg Insects.


Increases physical attack of weapons relative to maximum Equip Load. The damage boost is not affected by the weight of the player's equipped gear. The effect of this ring may be stacked with any variant of the Ring of Blades for an even bigger damage increase.

The closer the player's maximum Equip Load is to 60 or under, the higher the attack bonus given to weapons. At 60 Equip Load, the ring adds 50 physical damage, which is equal to the Ring of Blades+2. At 61 Maximum Equip Load, the bonus drops to 49 attack rate and this continues onward.

Unlike the Ring of Blades, there is no special interaction between Flynn's Ring and elemental infusions. Additionally, Flynn's Ring will always take effect, even if the weapon in question has no other physical damage. This means that all weapons are eligible for use with Flynn's Ring.

Using any of the Dragon Rings or the Royal Soldier's Ring is not recommended unless the player's Vitality is extremely low, as it may decrease the damage bonus given by Flynn's Ring.

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