For the Dark Souls variant, see Force.
For the Dark Souls III variant, see Force (Dark Souls III).

Force is a miracle in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

An elementary miracle. Releases a shockwave that staggers foes.
To use miracles, you must add them to your spellbook and have a sacred bell (the catalyst) equipped.


Sold by Licia of Lindeldt for 1,800 souls.

Sold by Cromwell for 1,800 souls.

General InformationEdit

Functions precisely how its Dark Souls variant work. Unleashes a force of energy around its caster, knocking back all enemies who are susceptible to such. It will deal no direct damage, however does have potential to indirectly cause fall damage to those caught in the blast.

Attunement MilestonesEdit

Like all other spells, the amount of casts per slot increases upon reaching certain Attunement milestones:

Attunement Level Amount of Casts
10 10
15 11
26 12
32 13
38 14
43 15
49 16
58 17
79 18
94 20
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