Dark souls 2 forest

The Forest of Fallen Giants is a location in Dark Souls II.


The Forest of Fallen Giants is a forested area filled with exuberant vegetation bathed by sunlight. The ruins of a long-forsaken fortress, known as the Cardinal Tower, can be found in the area as well. It is said that this structure was built long ago by the Kingdom of Drangleic during the battle against the GiantsHollow Soldiers still stand guard to this day, and remnants of several Giants lay throughout various locations. It is here that players can take alternate paths to proceed to the next area. Each path offers different advantages. One of them, for example, allows the player to avoid the area boss.

Adjacent locationsEdit


  • The Crestfallen's Retreat: After emerging from the Majula cave entrance, proceed down the small hill and cross the stream. The first bonfire is in an open clearing directly ahead.
  • Cardinal Tower: After entering the ruined fortress down the tree trunk near the Heide Knight, proceed up the stairs and emerge out onto the roof, where a ladder and several enemies await. Climbing this ladder and opening the huge doors to the tower will provide access to the second bonfire and Merchant Hag Melentia.
  • Soldiers' Rest: After acquiring the Soldier Key, proceed down the ladder from the Cardinal Tower bonfire and to the room adjacent to the outdoor area with a tree branch path and several Hollow Infantry and Hollow Soldiers. Beyond the nearby locked wooden door, the bonfire can eventually be reached by following the route to its end.
  • The Place Unbeknownst: After acquiring the King's Ring, proceed down the ladder from the Cardinal Tower bonfire and cross the bridge with the Hollow Soldier. Beyond the wooden door requiring the Soldier Key, approach the large, ornate door while wearing the King's Ring. The bonfire is just inside.














Upgrade MaterialsEdit



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