Forossa is a mentioned location in Dark Souls II.


Forossa is a land to the distant east of Drangleic and home to the order of the Lion Knights, a once-mighty order of warriors known for their heavy armor and nimble two-handed swordplay techniques.[1] These warriors were also considered "a motley crew of rabid fighters", but even so seemed to avoid Vengarl of Forossa, such was his fame as a deadly warrior.[2] The Lion Knights were devoted to Faraam, God of War, and their armor was blessed by the god himself.[1] It is unknown if Faraam was revered outside of Forossa.

Leading Forossan warriors into battle were great sages bestowed the title of "Northwarder". They earned their title through completing a great journey of hardship, after which they would be worshipped as oracles of the war gods.[3] Eventually Forossa fell apart due to a prolonged conflict with its neighbors. Many citizens became bandits in order to survive, as Forossa became lawless after the kingdom fell to war.[4] The remaining knights became mercenaries. An unnamed but powerful explosive used in Black Firebombs was developed in Forossa.[5]

Characters from Forossa Edit



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