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The Fragrant Branch of Yore is a miscellaneous item in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

A fragrant tree branch with a faint sweet smell. Restores the life of things turned to stone.
Extended inhalation of the branch's scent can lead to coughing and nausea.


The Fragrant Branch of Yore is a rare item that reverses petrification. When an enemy is unpetrified, they will become hostile, while humans will become merchants.

Unused Fragrant Branches of Yore are lost upon entering NG+.


A total of eight can be found in the main game (seven in SotFS):


There are six petrified statues that branches can be used on in the main game:

Scholar of the First SinEdit

In Scholar of the First Sin, several additional branches and statues have been added, for a total of seventeen of both.


In addition to the seven in the base game mentioned above, ten new branches are available:


A total of eleven statues have been added, along with the six in the base game:

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