For the auxiliary effect, see Frost.

Frost is a skill in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Create a bone-chilling frost with each swing of the greatscythe that causes a temporary frost effect.


When performed, the user buffs the weapon with Frost; the cast animation takes roughly 2 seconds, while the effect persists for 30 seconds once the buff is applied. As soon as the buff is complete, an area-of-effect inflicts substantial Frost build-up on all nearby enemies. This skill requires 15 FP to perform (12 FP if the Farron Ring is equipped).


Single playerEdit

The skill is effective against enemies that are weak to Frost. At least four consecutive strikes cause frostbite on most enemies.

Online gameplayEdit

The Frost build-up can be a useful complement for dealing with players who rely on shields. On top of dead-angling them with the weapon itself, proccing Frostbite on them can deal bonus damage and inflict a penalty to their stamina regeneration, making it harder for them to block attacks and causing them to take more damage if they stop using their shield.