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The Full Moon Sickle is a reaper in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

A large sickle with a round blade.
The thin blade, fortified with bradden steel, slices with a fine smoothness. Hooks into flesh, then rips it apart to cause bleeding.


The Full Moon Sickle is a rare drop from Artificial Undead found in Huntsman's Copse and Harvest Valley. It is also a rare drop from a non-respawning Full Moon Sickle Phantom in Earthen Peak.


Uniquely among the Reaper class of weapons, the Full Moon Sickle has an inherent bleed effect. It is also able to damage an enemy through a raised shield, like all other reapers.


Attack Description
Weak Attack
The player performs an overhead swing. Additional input results in a diagonal slice.
Strong Attack
The player brings the scythe toward the left side of their body, then pulls back, bringing caught enemies toward the player. Additional input results in a horizontal sweep.
Weak Attack
Diagonal slashes.
Strong Attack
The player walks forward slightly whilst sweeping horizontally. Additional input results in an overhead slam.
Jump Attack The player slams the scythe down when near the end of the jump.
Running Attack A wide horizontal sweep.
Rolling Attack The player swings the scythe upward after rolling.
Weak Attack
Strong Attack


  • The version that the player receives differs from the ones used by the Artificial Undead, in that the protrusions along the blade are absent on the player's version.
  • A background Full Moon Sickle can be found in a room in Aldia's Keep, likely used for the ritual sacrifice. It can't be picked up, however.


Reinforced with Titanite.

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