The Full Moon Sickle Phantom is a Dark Spirit in Dark Souls II.


The Full Moon Sickle Phantom is named such as he wields a Full Moon Sickle. He also wears the Brigand Set.


The Full Moon Sickle Phantom appears in Earthen Peak, standing in the pathway leading to the platform above the Fog Door to Mytha, the Baneful Queen. He guards the way to the area's final bonfire.

General InformationEdit

When he drops a piece of the Brigand Set, it will always be reinforced to +5. Adding a bonfire ascetic to the bonfire near him, Upper Earthen Peak, will cause him to respawn.


Since his Full Moon Sickle has the potential to hit through a player's shield, dodging is the best way to avoid damage. He has considerably low poise, so stunlocking the Dark Spirit would be an easy way of dispatching him.

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