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Furtive Pygmy

The Furtive Pygmy is a mentioned character in Dark Souls and one of the original Lords in the Dark Souls universe.


Unlike the other Lords, form of the Pygmy is almost impossible to perceive in the opening cutscene, and it is the only time they are visible. What can be seen is the form of a bald human figure, physically indistinguishable from a modern human.

Closer observation of their hands reveal the markings to be dirt and burns, with natural human skin beneath it, revealing that the Pygmy was not naturally hollowed when they claimed their soul.


The Furtive Pygmy was one of the Lords, who found the manifestations of disparity in the First Flame, but is often forgotten in the ancient tales. While the other Lords took large, readily powerful souls, the Pygmy lingered behind and discovered a very small soul. This soul, the Dark Soul, appeared to resonate with them and they claimed it as their own.

The Pygmy did not appear to participate in the great battle against the Everlasting Dragons, having remained hidden, and their existence did not seem apparent to the other Lords. But they were clearly the most cunning of the lot, for in their life they devised a machination that would eventually completely overthrow the rule of the Lords, and turn rulership of the world over to themself. Once the world was made safe by the other Lords, the Furtive Pygmy remained unseen for the entire Age of Fire, during which time they split off incredibly small portions of their Dark Soul. As it was a Lord Soul, it would constantly regenerate and keep the Pygmy alive, and the black sprites the Pygmy extracted had the potential to overpower the gods themselves.

For it was the nature of the Dark, and therefore the Dark Soul, to respond to emotion and the will of its bearer. So it was that the Pygmy took the fragments and made their children, who bore both a natural soul and a hereditary portion of their own fragment. Those children would be called Humans, and would inherit several traits that were unique to the Pygmy and to themselves. Among those were a mental character that had emotional states far more turbulent than any other sentient being, and the unalternating will to accomplish their goals.

With proper training, the humans could utilize the full potential of their humanity, the name given to the black sprites. The humanity they wielded could be programmed with a fleeting will and directed to preform a certain action, literally serving as an extension of the user, from generating weapons to sending volatile masses of Dark towards opponents. This power had the potential of overcoming even gods, who were the clan of Gwyn, bearer of the Light Soul. Eventually the flames began to fade, and the Age of Dark would begin, wherein humans would enjoy the world and the Pygmy would rule over the world as the Dark Lord until the cycle of fire dispelled their rule.

Upon the linking of the flame, however, the Age of Fire restored the power of the gods. It is uncertain what became of the Pygmy after this, with some believing the Pygmy to have been executed, or going back into hiding. The humans lost their power, and made a pact with the gods, though it is uncertain what the terms of it were. What is known is that the humans became devoted servants of the gods, and through the ages even forgot the nature of humanity, becoming fearful and vulnerable to the Dark within them. Any that did were considered heretics, and were either imprisoned or killed, with the earliest humans apparently being buried in special graves to contain them. Their service would eventually become reverence, and the humans would worship the clan of Gwyn as their rulers and protectors, unaware that any of them held enough power to destroy them all.

By the time of Dark Souls, the Furtive Pygmy is all but forgotten by the world, though some are still aware of their origins. In Dark Souls II, the group known as the Pilgrims of Dark appear to worship a Dark Lord of some sort, though by that time any number of characters could hold that title, including the Furtive Pygmy, the Chosen Undead if they chose to not link the First Flame, Manus, given the nature of the Dark Chasm of Old, or even a prominent dark sorcerer.

Though seeming to be forgotten completely, the will of bringing the Age of Dark is passed down to by the way of Kaathe to the Sable Church of Londor[1], whose members wish to see their Lord of Hollows crowned and rule the lightless world. It is revealed by The Painter that she intends to use the Dark Soul to paint a new world to replace the current rotting one, and that her parental figure Gael seeks it, leading him into the Ringed City.


They are only ever mentioned by Darkstalker Kaathe, leader of the Darkwraiths, who resides in the Abyss formed in New Londo. According to Kaathe, the Furtive Pygmy planned to use the Dark Soul and its power to bring about the Age of Dark. This task is then passed on by Kaathe to the Chosen Undead, a supposed descendant of the Pygmy.[2] If complied with, Kaathe and several other Primordial Serpents will bow in respect to the new Dark Lord.


  • Despite seeming to serve the will of the Pygmy, those in the Sable Church of Londor also advocate the idea that the "true face of mankind" is that of a hollow, which actually lacks humanity.


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