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Furtive Pygmy

The Furtive Pygmy is a mentioned character in Dark Souls.


The Furtive Pygmy, a Lord often forgotten in the ancient tales, was the owner of the Dark Soul, and is a supposed ancestor of the Chosen Undead.[1] According to Darkstalker Kaathe, The Furtive Pygmy planned to use the Dark Soul and its power to bring about the Age of Dark. This task is then passed on to the Chosen Undead by Kaathe.

It is unknown what role, if any, the Furtive Pygmy had during the Age of Fire and the great battle against the Everlasting Dragons. He is not present anywhere in Lordran by the time of the Chosen Undead. After the prologue cinematic the Furtive Pygmy is only spoken and heard of, apparently not to be seen again.

By the time of Dark Souls II, the Furtive Pygmy is all but forgotten. The Pilgrims of Dark appear to worship some kind of Dark Lord. However, a number of characters could hold that title, including the Furtive Pygmy or the Chosen Undead if they chose to not link the First Flame.

Though seeming to be forgotten completely, the will of bringing the Age of Dark is passed down to by the way of Kaathe to the Sable Church of Londor[2], whose members wish to see their Lord of Hollows crowned and rule the lightless world.


  • Despite seeming to serve the will of the Pygmy, those in the Sable Church of Londor also advocate the idea that the "true face of mankind" is that of a hollow, which actually lacks humanity.


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