Furtive Pygmy

The Furtive Pygmy is a mentioned character in Dark Souls and one of the original Lords in the Dark Souls universe.


Unlike the other Lords, the form of the Pygmy is almost impossible to perceive in the opening cutscene, and it is the only time they are visible. What can be seen is the form of a bald human figure, physically indistinguishable from a modern human.

Closer observation of the Pygmy's hands reveal the markings to be dirt and burns, with natural human skin beneath it, revealing that the Pygmy was not a Hollow when claiming the Dark Soul.

In the final Dark Souls III DLC, called the Ringed City, there is a statue of a being crouching before an old man who bears the face of Gwyn. Their face is either poorly carved or highly vague, and they bear the complexion of a hollow, though it is not certain if this represents the Pygmy or if it merely represents early Man as a collective whole.


The Furtive Pygmy was one of the Lords, those four beings that rose from the Dark who found the manifestations of disparity in the First Flame, taking them as souls. While the other Lords took large, highly powerful souls, the Pygmy lingered behind and discovered a very small and strange soul. This soul, the Dark Soul, appeared to resonate with the Pygmy, who then claimed it.

With the power of the Dark Soul, the Pygmy was able to generate the race of Humans, whose essence was rooted in the Abyss. To each individual human, the Pygmy gave a fragment of their Lord Soul, which was later called their Humanity. But unlike the other Lords, who were made somewhat weaker when their soul separated amongst the races they made, the Dark Soul did not seem to have a limit to its power. Humanity could be further strengthened by human emotions, and with emotions it could increase in mass and strength, so that one human could wield vast capabilities. Despite this, it is said that humans found little use for Humanity. One could use love and envy to create homing projectiles of raw darkness, generate solid structures for melee combat, and potentially raise up dead humans[1][2].

Claiming The Dark Soul

The Dark Soul of the Pygmy

When the other three Lords began their war against the Everlasting Dragons, they conscripted the humans-- The Pygmies-- into the battle, and they forged quasi living arms and armor in the Abyss. Despite forming this pact, the race called the Gods saw them as inferior life, while paradoxically recognizing their great and threatening power. To preventing them from fighting against the Gods, they cast the flaming seal of Gwyn unto them, and their arms and armor. The Pygmy did not appear to participate in this battle, but due to the status of the humans, his role was unrecorded and none know what their part in the battle really was[3][4]. After victory, Gwyn "gifted" the Pygmy warriors a place at the literal edge of the world, where they could establish their own home. He also gave them his youngest daughter, Filianore, promising he would come for her[5]. Those that did not take this deal were either enslaved, or were buried, since they could not be slain.

Reaching the edge of the world, the Ringed City was built, where the true Dark Soul was split apart amongst individual Pygmy Lords. They placed a spell on Filianore, and as long as she slept, the city would not be harmed by time and its eroding influence. Despite seeming to worship the Gods, the city was still of its own will, and subtly defied them[6]. What occurred between then and the first fading of the Flame is not exactly clear, and the final fate of the Pygmy is uncertain, as they no longer feature in history after those events mentioned.

According to Kaathe, the Primordial Serpent, the Pygmy hid from the world with the Dark Soul and waited for the Age of Fire to subside. For he had foreseen the end of the Gods' rule, and the Fire began to fade, bringing the Age of Gods to an end. Darkness would reign, and humans would emerge to take over the world in the Age of Man. Unwilling to see his kingdom and clan ruled by what was considered to be inferior beings, Gwyn sacrificed himself to the First Flame, and extended the Age of Fire. Before departing, Gwyn spread his soul amongst his clan, and bade them to use their power to corral the humans under their will.

Due to the lack of power the humans had over the Gods, later generations would adopt the service to them as reverence, and eventually the human race forgot their nature and fell to the worship of the races that betrayed them. Even the power of the Dark faded in the race of humans, and they became weak to it. The fate of the Pygmy remains unknown.

DARK SOULS™ III 20170413170027

Statue which depicts Gwyn giving a crown to another lifeform, presumably the Pygmy.

By the time of Dark Souls, the Furtive Pygmy is all but forgotten by the world, though some are still aware of his origins. In Dark Souls II, the group known as the Pilgrims of Dark appear to worship a Dark Lord of some sort, though by that time any number of characters could hold that title, including the Furtive Pygmy, the Chosen Undead if they chose to not link the First Flame, Manus, given the nature of the Dark Chasm of Old, or even a prominent dark sorcerer.

Though seeming to be forgotten completely, the will of bringing the Age of Dark is passed down to by the way of Kaathe to the Sable Church of Londor[7], whose members wish to see their Lord of Hollows crowned and rule the lightless world. It is revealed by The Painter that she intends to use the blood of the bearer of the Dark Soul to paint a new world to replace the current rotting one, and that her parental figure Gael seeks it, leading him into the Ringed City. Traveling to the Ringed City, Gael discovers that Filianore has awoken and the spell has ended, aging the Pygmy Lords to the point that their blood did not flow. He kills and drinks the blood of the ancient rulers, taking the Dark Soul into himself, though he is slain and the blood is given to the painting.

While the First Flame can be linked, the extension of the Age of Fire is shorter each time. It is partially for this reason that Lothric refused to participate, the Age of Dark being inevitable. It is unclear what state the world will take when Dark finally settles or if that was truly the desire of the Pygmy, except for implications of a cold, still and quiet world, restive even as embers flicker in the distance that will one day reignite into a new Flame.


He is only ever mentioned by Darkstalker Kaathe, leader of the Darkwraiths, who resides in the Abyss formed in New Londo. According to Kaathe, the Furtive Pygmy planned to use the Dark Soul and its power to bring about the Age of Dark. This task is then passed on by Kaathe to the Chosen Undead, a supposed descendant of the Pygmy.[8] If complied with, Kaathe and several other Primordial Serpents will bow in respect to the new Dark Lord.


  • Despite seeming to serve the will of Kaathe, those in the Sable Church of Londor also advocate the idea that the "true face of mankind" is that of a hollow, which actually lacks humanity.
  • If the statue in the Ringed City truly depicts the Pygmy, it would then mean that the Pygmy was still alive for the founding of the Ringed City, and could have been its original ruler.
    • By seeing the proportions of the figure in the statue, if it is actually the Pygmy, one can see that it is not actually much shorter than Gwyn. While the presence of a Lord Soul could account for such size, it makes "pygmy" a meaningless term, implying that it was merely a derogatory used to demean the human race in the Age of Ancients.
  • Though it cannot be said for certain that the Pygmy was a male or female, it should be noted that the model does not bear breasts, or even something resembling familiar parts.
  • One reasonable explanation for the vague appearance is that the Pygmy was designed to reinforce the idea that they were not merely a human, but the creator of the humans, and so may not even possess a physical nature relevant to that of the humans they made.


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