Gentle Prayer is a skill in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Recovers HP for a period of time, albeit extremely slowly. Works while equipped in either hand.


The wielder rings the chime, restoring 6 HP per second for up to 60 seconds, a maximum of 360 HP healed. If the skill is cast from the right hand or two-handed, the chime will tick twice immediately upon cast, resulting in an additional 12 HP.

The buff is instantly canceled if the caster un-equips the chime, or two-hands the weapon in the opposite hand, meaning that the chime has to be actively equipped for the healing buff to be active.


Single playerEdit

Gentle Prayer is an excellent supplement to Estus Flasks at low levels for anyone who can wield a basic chime, as it will grant a good source of healing when outside of combat without taking up Attunement slots. This also makes it effective throughout the game for players that don't have a lot of FP, as it can heal small hits without wasting Estus.

Additionally, Gentle Prayer can also function like Replenishment, allowing for some health regeneration during engagements. However, this requires the player to keep the chime out to keep the heal going, meaning that only one hand will be free.

Online gameplayEdit

This skill finds use as a summoned phantom, as non-host entities have halved Estus while in a Host of Embers' world. It can be handy for keeping health topped up without having to expend a precious Estus Flask. It can be similarly helpful for invaders, as they can choose to hide away in the world and gradually replenish health while biding their time and looking for a moment to strike.



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