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Gertrude's Knights, also known as Ascended Winged Knights, are enemies in Dark Souls III.


An advanced version of the Winged Knights, this time with an armor plated in gold and featuring real wings protruding from their backs.

Only three are encountered in the game, all of them awaiting on their lookout post located on the highest tower, atop the Grand Archives' main dome. As the Ashen One approaches the tower, all three will jump down at the same time for an ambush, one wielding twinaxes and the other two wielding halberds. They have advanced attack versions from their Winged Knights counterparts and also feature some devastating new moves and spells.

Once they land, the two halberd-wielding knights will stay on post, while the third one will start patrolling around the dome.


Only three appear in the game and they are all found at the top of the Grand Archives' highest tower, which is located at the center of the main dome and opposite to Lothric's and Lorian's boss arena. As the player approaches the tower, all three will jump down at the same time from their lookout posts for an ambush.



The three Gertrude's Knights can be seen from a distance, holding position at the top of a tower located at the center of the archives' main dome. As the player approaches the tower, all three will jump down at unison, trying to ambush them. They are very powerful enemies with a vast repertoire of devastating attacks that should not be taken lightly.

The player is advised to approach the tower by their blind side in order to stay out of sight when they land, and hide as soon as they listen them jumping down. The one wielding twinaxes will start making rounds around the dome and it is advisable to take him on first once he reaches the opposite side. The overall general tactics used for dealing with the Winged Knights from Lothric Castle should be followed, adapting them to the Gertrude's Knights new attacks and disengaging when they cast Divine Pillars of Light if necessary.

After the first one falls, the player can then cautiously approach another one from behind, trying to score a backstab before he reacts, or at least driving him away from his companion.

They are susceptible to Rapport, which will turn them into allies for a short period of time, either for fighting the other knights or for attacking them without fear of retaliation.


Item Large Titanite Shard (DSIII)
Large Titanite Shard
Titanite Chunk (DSIII)
Titanite Chunk
Titanite Slab (DSIII)
Titanite Slab
Blessed Gem
Blessed Gem
Drop Rate Guaranteed
(unless it drops a Chunk)
5% Guaranteed
(once all three knights are defeated)
Item Winged Knight Twinaxes
Winged Knight Twinaxes
Winged Knight Halberd
Winged Knight Halberd
Drop Rate 25%
(twinaxes wielder)
(halberd wielder)


  • Added to their normal drops, the player will also receive a Titanite Slab once all three are defeated.
  • Can be backstabbed.
  • Susceptible to Alluring Skulls.
  • Susceptible to the Rapport pyromancy, allowing for an easy farming method.
  • They have the highest soul drop of any respawning enemy in the game, and are in relatively close proximity to a bonfire (Grand Archives), making them arguably the best farming spot in the game. On NG+ with the Shield of Want and the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring equipped, one knight will drop over 34,000 souls. This can be boosted further with Symbol of Avarice equipped.
  • They also frequently drop high-grade Titanite.

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