Gestures (DSIII) - Praise the Sun
For gestures in Dark Souls, see Gestures.
For gestures in Dark Souls II, see Gestures (Dark Souls II).

Gestures are a gameplay mechanic in Dark Souls III.


Gestures are special animations the player can perform and which usually describe either an emotion, an action, or an order. These gesticulations are generally used for communication between players online.

The player starts the game with several gestures already at their disposal. These can be consulted and managed by pressing the Xbox 360 - Button Back - 01 button, bringing up with this a quick list with seven gestures ready for use and from where the player can activate one by selecting it and then pressing the action button (PlayStation - Cross - 01 / Xbox 360 - Button A - 01).

The rest of the gestures available to the player can be selected and added to the quick list via a secondary menu called by pressing the PlayStation - Triangle - 01 / Xbox 360 - Button Y - 01 button.

Additional gestures can be learned throughout the course of the game. These are usually learned from other characters, after performing certain actions, or even after defeating certain enemies.

There are a total of 33 gestures to be obtained in the game.

List of gesturesEdit

Image Name Location Availability
Gestures (DSIII) - Applause Applause Firelink Shrine Talk to Ringfinger Leonhard after defeating the Darkwraith in the High Wall of Lothric.
Gestures (DSIII) - Beckon Beckon Firelink Shrine Talk to Yoel of Londor.
Gestures (DSIII) - Bow Bow - Default
Gestures (DSIII) - By my sword By my sword Farron Keep
Irithyll of the Boreal Valley
Received after summoning Black Hand Gotthard for either the Abyss Watchers or the Pontiff Sulyvahn boss fight.
Gestures (DSIII) - Call over Call over Firelink Shrine Trade a Homeward Bone or the Coiled Sword Fragment with Pickle Pee.
Gestures (DSIII) - Collapse Collapse Firelink Shrine Talk to Hawkwood.
Gestures (DSIII) - Curl up Curl up Firelink Shrine After giving Loretta's Bone to Greirat, reload the area and talk to him when he is in the pose.
Gestures (DSIII) - Darkmoon Loyalty Darkmoon Loyalty Firelink Shrine After giving the Dreamchaser's Ashes to the Shrine Handmaid, reload the area and talk to Sirris.
Gestures (DSIII) - Dignified bow Dignified bow Firelink Shrine Talk to Yuria of Londor.
Gestures (DSIII) - Duel bow Duel bow Farron Keep
Irithyll of the Boreal Valley
Received after summoning the Londor Pale Shade near Farron Keep Perimeter or in the area located in front of Pontiff Sulyvahn's boss room.
Gestures (DSIII) - Hurrah! Hurrah! Firelink Shrine Exhaust Andre's dialogue.
Gestures (DSIII) - Joy Joy - Default
Gestures (DSIII) - Jump for joy Jump for joy - Default
Gestures (DSIII) - Legion Etiquette Legion Etiquette Farron Keep Interact with the Old Wolf of Farron.
Gestures (DSIII) - My thanks! My thanks! Catacombs of Carthus
Smouldering Lake
Received after defeating or dying to Knight Slayer Tsorig.
Gestures (DSIII) - Patches Squat Patches Squat Firelink Shrine After speaking to Patches within shrine, reload the area and speak to him while he is in the pose.
Gestures (DSIII) - Path of the Dragon Path of the Dragon Consumed King's Garden Learned from the corpse of the Drakeblood Knight that is in the pose, in the next room after defeating Oceiros.
Gestures (DSIII) - Point down Point down - Default
Gestures (DSIII) - Point forward Point forward - Default
Gestures (DSIII) - Point up Point up - Default
Gestures (DSIII) - Praise the Sun Praise the Sun Lothric Castle Pray at the Altar of Sunlight.
Gestures (DSIII) - Prayer Prayer Undead Settlement Received after agreeing to "touch" Irina in her cell when she asks the player to do so.
Gestures (DSIII) - Proper bow Proper bow Farron Keep Received upon summoning Yellowfinger Heysel in the area after the Keep Ruins bonfire. Heysel must have been defeated while invading either in the Road of Sacrifices or within Farron Keep, and the player must have deepened their devotion to Rosaria's Fingers by providing at least one Pale Tongue to Rosaria in the Cathedral of the Deep.
Gestures (DSIII) - Prostration Prostration Cathedral of the Deep Talk to Patches after he lowers the bridge in the cathedral.
Gestures (DSIII) - Quiet Resolve Quiet Resolve Irithyll of the Boreal Valley Talk to Anri of Astora at the Church of Yorshka.
Gestures (DSIII) - Rejoice Rejoice Cathedral of the Deep Provide the Catarina Set to Siegward once he is trapped in the well located outside of the Cleansing Chapel.
Gestures (DSIII) - Rest Rest Cemetery of Ash Rest at any bonfire for the first time.
Gestures (DSIII) - Silent Ally Silent Ally Firelink Shrine Purchase Aural Decoy, Farron Flashsword, Pestilent Mist, and Spook from Orbeck of Vinheim, and talk to him afterward.
Gestures (DSIII) - Sleep Sleep Undead Settlement Talk to Siegward when he takes a nap after a toast.
Gestures (DSIII) - Stretch out Stretch out Profaned Capital Taught by Laddersmith Gilligan's corpse near the Profaned Capital bonfire.
Gestures (DSIII) - Toast Toast Undead Settlement Talk to Siegward of Catarina after defeating the Demon.
Gestures (DSIII) - Wave Wave - Default
Gestures (DSIII) - Welcome Welcome Firelink Shrine Talk to Cornyx a second time after meeting him at the shrine and reloading the area afterward.


  • The Fire Keeper in Firelink Shrine will react with a corresponding gesture of her own if the player performs one in front of her. Depending on the gesture selected, she will respond with either a bow, a laugh, a twirl, or even by turning her head away in disapproval.
    • Performing the Path of the Dragon gesture in front of her will cause her to continually twirl.

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