The Giant Archer of the Undead Settlement is a character in Dark Souls III.


Undead Settlement

  • First found at the top of the highest tower of the settlement, where he has an excellent view of the land and shoots arrows to anything that moves below. To reach him, make the lift that leads to the Road of Sacrifices (where Siegward is first met) go down first without riding it and then ride up the upper part.

Farron Keep

  • While not physically reachable in this area, his presence is evidenced by his trademark arrows suddenly raining down near the area where the Great Crab attacks in the poisonous swamp.

Cathedral of the Deep

  • Again, not physically seen here but his arrows will start raining down on the little cemetery located just in front of the cathedral's main gates.


An unnamed but pure of heart giant slave reminiscent of Hawkeye Gough from the first game. He is similar to those other slaves found within the dungeons and the cathedral. The shackles and grinds piercing through various parts of his body are evidence of an untold but surely sorrowful past.

A skillful warrior who took refuge on the highest tower of the settlement, now uses his mighty greatbow to defend the land from all the monstrosities brought by the curse and which now lurk in this ruined and desolated country. With astounding accuracy and arrows that explode upon contact, the road leading to meet the giant will not be an easy one, should one dare to cross his line of fire.

While his monstrous appearance may make one consider him to be a menace at first, shall one dare to approach and speak to him, they will soon discover he is actually an innocent and friendly being, ready to offer his trust and provide a helping hand to anyone who asks for it, as long as he recognizes good will and a righteous purpose in them.

His presence is usually associated with places where young white birches grow. The branches of these trees are considered to be a "token of friendship", which the giant archer usually presents to those who have gained his trust. Once befriended, the giant archer will lend his extraordinary archery skills in a few of the most dangerous areas found in Lothric.


Upon meeting and possibly befriending the giant, the player will then have two choices: either let their new friend live to aid them while traversing a few dangerous areas in the game, or kill him to obtain the Hawk Ring.

If the latter option has been chosen, then he may be challenged at the top of his tower in the Undead Settlement; an easy task due to the small space where he is encountered at and which will severely compromise his mobility. In addition, the nearby staircase will provide complete cover from all of his attacks. The giant drops the Hawk Ring upon defeat, an accessory that allows arrows to travel a longer distance.


Item Hawk Ring (DSIII)
Hawk Ring
Drop Rate Guaranteed



  • Young White Branches gifted by the giant have a different in-game description than normal ones and also occupy a different slot within the player's inventory.
    • If the player is not carrying one of these particular branches in their inventory, the giant will turn hostile once more in those areas where he attacks.
    • The giant may be befriended as many times as necessary and each time he will present the player with another branch.
  • If the player collects all Young White Branches in the game (Undead Settlement, Cathedral of the Deep and Farron Keep), the giant will die and the Hawk Ring can then be looted from his body atop the tower.


  • All three areas where the giant may lend a hand are visible from his lookout point at the top of the tower: the Undead Settlement, the Farron Keep and the Cathedral of the Deep.
    • Likewise, his tower can be seen from all three areas where he helps the player, although in the Farron Keep's case it may actually not be visible due to the dense foliage.


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