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The Giant Crow is a minor character in Dark Souls and can be found in Firelink Shrine throughout all of the story.


The Giant Crow is a mysterious entity that transports the Chosen Undead from the end of the Undead Asylum to Firelink Shrine in Lordran.

Once the elevator is operated in the Undead Parish Church it is possible to revisit the Undead Asylum by climbing to the top of the ruins in Firelink Shrine to the Giant Crow's nest and curling up into a ball. The Giant Crow will then bring the Chosen Undead onto another nest on the cliff where the player was first carried off from in the Undead Asylum.

Beyond this, no further interaction can be made with the Crow.


  • Attacking the Crow enough will prompt it to fly away, however it will return and continue to transport the Chosen Undead. It is impossible to kill the Giant Crow without mods. However, using mods to kill the Crow yields 5,000 souls. The raven also has no death animation.
  • After flying away it will still transport the Chosen Undead to the Asylum even if it hasn't returned yet.
  • The Crestfallen Warrior makes mention of the Giant Crow lifting a man, curled up in a ball, in its clutches and carrying him off.


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