Gold-Hemmed Black Gloves
Gold-Hemmed Black Gloves
Def atk phy 12.0 Def sorc mag 13.0
Def atk strike 12.8 Def sorc fire 24.0
Def atk slash 12.0 Def sorc lght 8.0
Def atk thrust 12.0
Def res poise Def res bleed Def res poi Def res cur
0.0 14.0 32.0 -
Weight 1.2
Durability 400
Type Hands Armor

Gold-Hemmed Black Gloves are hands armor pieces in Dark Souls. They are part of the Gold-Hemmed Black Set.

In-Game Description

Worn by the witch Quelana of Izalith, mother of pyromancy and Daughter of Chaos.
She wore these gold lined black gloves before even the Age of Fire, and they offer strong resistance versus fire, poison, and other perils.


Found with the rest of the Gold-Hemmed Black Set. It is found in Ceaseless Discharge's room. Picking it up will cause him to turn hostile and will begin the boss fight.


Offers low weight, plus high fire and poison resistance.


Cannot be reinforced.