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Gold Pine Resins are consumable items in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description

Rare pine which emits golden sparks. Applies lightning to right-hand weapon.
Affected weapon inflicts rare lightning damage, making it effective against targets which are resilient to both magic and fire. Very effective against dragon family foes.


General informationEdit

Gold Pine Resin may only be used on enchantable weapons that are upgraded down the Standard, Raw, or Crystal paths, as well as a limited amount of exceptions.

Gold Pine Resin temporarily adds 150 Lightning damage to the wielded weapon, making it generally much stronger than its counterparts, Charcoal Pine Resin and Rotten Pine Resin


Gold Pine Resin is useful at any stage in the game due to the significant amount of Lightning Damage it adds to weapons. The duration is long enough for most encounters at 1 minute. At the highest levels of upgrading, a regular weapon buffed with Gold Pine Resin is stronger than a Lightning weapon equivalent, especially when considering dex and strength scaling. For example, an Iaito +15 enchanted with Gold Pine Resin deals more damage than a Lightning Iaito +5 given a decent dexterity level.

Gold Pine Resin pales in comparison to weapon augmentations such as Sunlight Blade and Crystal Magic Weapon; however, it is the best choice available as a weapon buff for those that do not boast a high Faith or Intelligence level.

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