Golden Crystal Golems are a non-respawning enemy in Dark Souls.


Their appearance is very similar to that of Crystal Golems, except they have a gold hue and appear slightly larger.



The Golems located in Darkroot Basin and The Duke's Archives act as prisons for Dusk of Oolacile and Sieglinde of Catarina respectively. It is possible to see both women trapped within the large crystals on the golems' backs.

Enemy InformationEdit

Health and SoulsEdit

Location Health Souls
Darkroot Basin 816 1,868 1,500 8,000
The Duke's Archives 1,360 2,135 2,500 ???
Crystal Cave 1,360 2,135 2,500 ???


Respawn No
Backstab No
Damage Types Physical
Abilities Area of Effect ground attack that causes crystals to jut out of the ground.


Attack Damage Attack Type Status Effect Parryable Tracking Attack Speed
Punch 405 Physical None No Neither Medium
Right Uppercut 488 Physical None No Neither Medium
Crystal Eruption 323 Magic
None No Both Slow
Double Punch 465 Physical None No Neither Medium
Crystal Punch 423 Physical None No Left Medium
Leaping Punch 530 Physical None No Neither Medium


Location Physical Defenses Elemental Defenses Resistances
Def atk phy Def atk strike Def atk slash Def atk thrust Def sorc mag Def sorc fire Def sorc lght Def res poi Def res toxic Def res bleed
Darkroot Basin 261 196 261 261 1305 261 169 S S S
The Duke's Archives and Crystal Cave 435 326 435 435 2175 435 282 S S S

These stats are sourced from FuturePress's Official Dark Souls Strategy Guide.


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