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The Gotthard Twinswords are paired straight swords in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

The hunters known as the King's Black Hands wielded paired weapons. These belonged to Gotthard, who fled the castle.
Gotthard rose quickly through the knighthood, no surprise to those who have witnessed his swordsmanship.
Skill:Spin Slash
Slice into foes with a large spinning motion, and use strong attach to lengthen attack and end with a double-bladed thrust.


Found in Lothric Castle, on the lifeless body of Black Hand Gotthard, just before the entrance to the Grand Archives. The body will only appear once the player has defeated the first three Lords of Cinder: Abyss Watchers, Aldrich and Yhorm.


The Gotthard Twinswords are dual-wielded blades that offer a devastating weapon skill, very fast moveset, and an attack time that is ideal for combo attacks. One of its more noticeable characteristics is that it starts with D scaling in Strength and Dexterity respectively. Its scaling is equal throughout its reinforcement and tops out at C, making it an ideal candidate for quality builds.


  • Weak attack: Canted vertical slashes.
  • Strong attack: Thrust followed by an upward slash.
  • Dual Wield attack: Uses both blades in a unique moveset that is made up of broad slashes and thrusts.
  • Weapon Art: Strong slash with both blades, if chained with a strong attack immediately after, will perform a combo.




Reinforced with Titanite.


Weapon Art Showcase Gotthard Twinswords00:34

Weapon Art Showcase Gotthard Twinswords

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