For the Dark Souls II variant, see Grave Warden.
Not to be confused with Cathedral Grave Warden.

Grave Wardens are enemies in Dark Souls III.


Cloaked hollows that roam the cemetery and Firelink. They are usually found in a lethargic state but will swiftly rise to attack the player if alerted. Most of them wield broken swords and basic spears.



As the first enemies encountered in the game, Grave Wardens are designed to introduce the player to the combat mechanics and are not a significant threat. However, they can perform a frenzy combo that deals high damage and they usually appear in small groups. Most of them appear passive when approached but will quickly rise, so the player is recommended to eliminate them as they stand up.

As they are undead enemies, Grave Wardens are very vulnerable to fire damage. They stagger easily and are vulnerable to backstabs. The variants encountered in the Untended Graves are identical in appearance but are slightly stronger.


Item Fading Soul (DSIII)
Fading Soul
Cleric's Sacred Chime (DSIII)
Cleric's Sacred Chime
Drop Rate ??? ???

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