Gravestones are a gameplay mechanic in Dark Souls II.


Gravestones are used to temporarily resurrect certain dead characters at the cost of souls. The Gravestone will usually be found where the character died after a set amount of in-game time.

When resurrected, the character appears as a ghost, similar in appearance to Chancellor Wellager. The character remains alive until the player leaves the area.

Resurrected characters will only provide the services they would give at the point of their death. For example, buying Maughlin's wares after his death won't upgrade his stock.

Dead characters that also act as phantoms will not be summonable, even if they are resurrected. If a character, whose questline involves summoning them, dies when they are not a Phantom, the player must wait until NG+ before they can try completing the questline again.

List of gravestonesEdit

NPC Soul requirement Location Time until Gravestone appears
Mild-Mannered Pate (If killed before before giving the White Sign Soapstone) 2,000 In the Forest of Fallen Giants, where he is first encountered. ???
Straid of Olaphis 14,000 At Straid's Cell 3 hours
Licia of Lindeldt 7,000 At the Majula rotunda, or at her praying spot near the Tower of Flame bonfire. ???
Benhart of Jugo 3,000 His gravestone will stand where he died. ???
Laddersmith Gilligan 13,000 Near Saulden in Majula. ???
Titchy Gren 6,000 In the Undead Purgatory, where he is normally found. ???
Blue Sentinel Targray 6,000 In the Cathedral of Blue, where he is normally found. ???
Merchant Hag Melentia 4,000 At her usual spot in the Forest of Fallen Giants or Majula, depending on where she died. ???
Blacksmith Lenigrast 2,000 In Majula, just outside his workshop. 10 hours
Maughlin the Armorer 3,500 In Majula, where he is normally found 3 hours
Stone Trader Chloanne 2,500 In Majula, near the rock she is normally found after she's left the place she is first encountered. ???
Lucatiel of Mirrah 3,500 Where she died, either in No-man's Wharf, The Lost Bastille, Earthen Peak or Black Gulch. ???
Emerald Herald 2,500 At Majula near the tree where she is first met. ???
Felkin the Outcast 7,500 At Huntsman's Copse behind his chair. 5 hours
Lonesome Gavlan 3,500 Where he died, either in No-man's Wharf, Harvest Valley or in Doors of Pharros. ???
Carhillion of the Fold 3,500 Where he died, either in Majula or No-man's Wharf. 2 hours
Magerold of Lanafir 8,500 Where he usually sits, in Iron Keep. 3 hours
Cale the Cartographer, if killed before getting the House Key. 3,500 Where he is usually found before moving to Majula 4 hours
Bell Keeper of Alken 4,500 Where he is usually located, either in Belfry Sol or Belfry Luna. 2 hours
Grave Warden Agdayne 3,000 Where he is usually found, in the Undead Crypt. 3 hours
Rat King 3,500 Where he was killed, in either Doors of Pharros or Grave of Saints. 3 hours
Darkdiver Grandahl 5,500 Where he usually stands, in either Shaded Woods, The Gutter or in Drangleic Castle. 3 hours
Weaponsmith Ornifex (if killed after moving to Brightstone Cove Tseldora) 11,000 Where she usually stands, near Lower Brightstone Cove Bonfire. 6 hours
Cromwell the Pardoner 7,000 Where he usually stands, near Chapel Threshold Bonfire. 4 hours
Creighton the Wanderer 2,500 Where he died, either in the Undead Lockaway bonfire room, near the Ruined Fork Road Bonfire, or at his final encounter point in Brightstone Cove Tseldora. 3 hours
Vengarl of Forossa 3,000 Where the head is usually found, in the Shaded Woods. 3 hours


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