For the Dark Souls variant, see Great Club.
For the Dark Souls III variant, see Great Club (Dark Souls III).

The Great Club is a great hammer in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

A giant wooden club made from the branches of a towering tree.
Designed to smash foes. Simple but terribly effective against common shields.


At the very bottom of The Gutter.


The Great Club, like all other great hammers in the game, boast the highest poise damage out of all the weapon-types, more so when two-handed.

Its horizontal sweeping attack (Xbox 360 - Bumper Right - 01 / PlayStation - R1 - 01) ensures that small enemies grouping together in front of the player will get stun-locked and receive a high amount of damage as well.

The two-handed strong attack (Xbox 360 - Trigger Right - 01 / PlayStation - R2 - 01) is a massive overhead swing that has the potential to kill almost any standard enemy in one hit. This move can be followed up with a dual circular strike, which will deal even more physical and poise damage. The overhead attack will also nail humanoid enemies to the ground. This is particularly devastating against non-playable characters, which usually do not block or evade attacks. In particular, it is relatively easy to repeatedly hammer characters to the ground, until death occurs. This is particularly relevant against characters with large health pools, such as Licia of Lindeldt. On enemies like the Ruin Sentinels, they won't get knocked down but a few hits with the two-handed strong attack will stun them, leaving them wide open to further attacks.


Attack Description
Weak Attack
Player does a short run-up before slamming the club onto the ground. Further input slams a second time.
Strong Attack
Spins before slamming the club onto the ground. Further input slams club down again.
Weak Attack
Swings in a wide arc from right to left. Able to hit enemies to the left side of the player. Further input swings the club in a short sweep from right to left again.
Strong Attack
Focuses all the player's strength into one forward, slam onto the ground. Very small hitbox but fast and strong. Further input spins the player twice counter-clockwise with a circular sweep.
Jump Attack Jumps forward and slams the club into the ground upon landing.
Running Attack Swings the club upward diagonally, from right to left.
Rolling Attack Rolls forward before swinging the club diagonally upward from right to left.
Rolling Attack
Player spins twice before sweeping the club diagonally upward from right to left.
Weak Attack
Same as the one-handed weak attack.
Strong Attack
Same as the one-handed strong attack.


  • Upgrades with Titanite.
  • Great Club+10 has 420 base damage and "A" in Strength scaling, which makes it a very reliable weapon for Strength-oriented builds.
  • The Great Club is one of the best poise-consuming weapons in the game, especially in association with the Stone Ring. The three only weapons leading to higher poise damage are the Giant Warrior Club, the Gyrm Great Hammer and the Smelter Hammer, which Weight and Strength requirements are significantly higher.


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