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Great Crabs are enemies in Dark Souls III.


Gigantic elder crustaceans that usually inhabit murky environments where mobility is severely compromised. Some Great Crabs have a very extensive aggro range and may start chasing the player from very long distances. It is not uncommon to find their offspring in areas where they dwell, foretelling of an imminent encounter.

Giant Crabs fight by slamming either of their pincers continuously onto the ground or by shooting a stream of a viscous liquid from their mouths, reducing the player's mobility for a short period of time.

Expected from a creature of these characteristics, they have a dangerous grab where they will grasp the player with their bigger pincer and attack them furiously, dealing extreme damage. This attack is telegraphed by the sudden appearance of foamy bubbles drooling out from their mouths.

The first two crabs, encountered in the Road of Sacrifices' marshlands, have a particular ability not seen in their more advanced brethren; they can suddenly disengage from battle and burrow themselves into the ground, appearing a few moments later in a distant location. When they perform this move, they will restore all their health back.



Menacingly looking and not without a reason, Great Crabs can prove to be formidable foes even in the late game. Some of them have a very high aggro range and will come after the player once they step into certain areas of their territory.

Prevailing over the farthest one in the Road of Sacrifices will grant the player the Great Swamp Ring, which greatly enhances pyromancies. This may not be an easy task in the early game, though, as there will be major difference between the damage the player can output at that moment, compared to the damage they deal when they are first encountered, which usually ends up with the crab burrowing into the ground in the middle of an arduous fight, only to appear moments later in another area with its health completely restored. For this reason, it is recommended to come back to fight them once the player has leveled up properly and has procured better weaponry. Ranged-attacking characters, like mages and pyromancers, may have a better chance of defeating them the first time around, as Great Crabs can usually be lured into getting stuck in the trees, where the player may attack them at will.

Their attacks mainly consist of chasing after the player while walking in a sideways position and slamming one of their pincers repeatedly until they catch on. Moving in front of them will make them switch to their other attacks. While imposing at first, they are not really difficult to defeat since they often leave themselves open to attack.

They will frequently shoot a stream of viscous liquid. If hit, the player will have their mobility greatly reduced for a short period of time. However, this attack is very easy to evade by circling them to the left and, in addition, the creature will be vulnerable for the duration of this move.

If they have sustained enough punishment and their poise is broken, they will stagger and be open for a critical attack for a few seconds.

At some point during the fight, they may rise both of their pincers and erect their bodies altogether, followed by slamming themselves onto the ground with great force while dealing heavy damage. This attack is amply telegraphed and is easily avoidable by rolling away. Furthermore, the crab will be open for a critical attack while it is building up this move. Approach the monster at this moment and attack it, triggering the critical and dealing extreme damage to it.

Players should be very cautious and never underestimate these creatures, though, as they have a grab attack that many times will result in an instant death. This attack is telegraphed with the creature suddenly drooling foamy bubbles from its mouth while slowly building up with its larger pincer. The player should prioritize in rolling away as soon as they detect this move or else.

If the player befriended the giant archer in the Undead Settlement, he will aid in killing the Giant Crab found in the Farron Keep (hinted by the presence of a young white birch), which guards some items scattered in the vicinity, including the Crown of Dusk.

When dealing with those encountered in the Smouldering Lake, it is recommended to make a detour first and turn off the ballista if one wants to clear the zone and loot the many items scattered there. A series of ledges can be found near the ballista, which the player can drop onto to head back to the lake, where they will be able to deal with these creatures without having to worry about unnecessary hindrances.


Item Great Swamp Ring
Great Swamp Ring
Drop Rate Guaranteed
(crab in muddy water)

Item Titanite Shard (DSIII)
Titanite Shard
Large Titanite Shard (DSIII)
Large Titanite Shard
Drop Rate Guaranteed ???


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