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Great Fireball is a pyromancy in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description

Ultimate fireball pyromancy. Hurl giant fireball.
Salaman the Master Pyromancer, also called Great Fireball after this spell, believed pyromancy was rooted in an adoration of fire. Those who acquire this spell usually agree.


General informationEdit

As with its cousins, Great Fireball has a long windup time that can be shortened through investment in the dexterity stat. Great Fireball is an upgrade of Fire Orb and an advanced ranged pyromancy. It deals more damage and noticeably larger area of effect. Great Fireball deals damage equal to 2.7 x the Pyromancy Flame's magic adjust.


Since it is the strongest ranged pyromancy bar Great Chaos Fireball and requires less attunement, Great Fireball is a very popular pyromancy for use in PvP. It is somewhat less common in PvE, where the limited amount of casts per slot limits its utility for long journeys. Great Fireball also boasts impressive poise damage unlike the lesser Fireballs, being able to stun opponents with up to and including 84 poise, making it the single most poise damaging attack in the game available to players.

As with its lesser cousins, Great Fireball is hindered by its long windup time, arced trajectory, and slow projectile speed, so it is important to plan ahead when using this pyromancy.

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