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Great Heal is a miracle in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description

Great miracle cast by advanced clerics. Restores high HP.
Great Heal is a long tale, only learned by a select few. No caster will be disappointed by the bountiful life it yields.


General InformationEdit

Great Heal restores a large amount of HP. It has an identical casting length as Heal, but with a more luminous animation.

Great Heal benefits from miracle synergy. It heals 3.1% more health with synergy, and 6.3% more with double synergy.

This miracle heals 8x the magic adjust of the equipped talisman.


Great Heal has fewer casts than its counterpart, Heal. Players may welcome the large amount of extra HP it provides; however, Heal may be a better choice if players rely on the miracles just to top them off in out-of-combat situations due to its higher amount of casts.

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