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Great Heal Excerpt is a miracle in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description

Great miracle cast by advanced clerics. Restores high HP.
Great Heal Excerpt borrows from only several verses of Great Heal. As a result, it can only be cast a stark few times.


General InformationEdit

Great Heal Excerpt has a fairly long casting time during which the player is vulnerable, and heals a large amount of HP.

Great Heal Excerpt is one of the miracles that benefit from miracle synergy. It heals 1.6% more with the synergy boost, but heals 6.3% more with double synergy boost.


Great Heal Excerpt fills a very small niche. Per slot, Heal recovers more HP; in terms of use, Great Heal recovers just as much HP but comes with three times the uses (in exchange, Great Heal has a higher faith requirement). Using humanity to heal is both faster and heals more. Therefore, it is really only appropriate to use Great Heal Excerpt when the user:

  1. Needs to recover a lot of HP, but still has the time to pull off a healing spell.
  2. Has not met the faith requirement to use Great Heal.
  3. Does not want to use humanity for healing.


From the description, it can be inferred that Heal, Great Heal, and Great Heal Excerpt are some form of magical prayer spoken by the caster.

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