Great Moths are enemies in Dark Souls II.


Great Moths are generally harmless, remaining stationary on walls or high above on trees. However, they will release a large cloud of poisonous powder when the player is nearby. The cloud inflicts Poison build-up at an alarming rate, and only a few seconds of exposure is needed to poison the player. As such, it is advised to keep an eye out for them to avoid being poisoned while exploring or fighting.

Great Moths have very low HP and can be taken out by a single hit from most attacks. However, they are usually outside of melee range, so one must use ranged weapons or magic to fight them.

It can be worthwhile to seek out and kill them whenever they are encountered, as they always drop a clump of Poison Moss upon death. In Scholar of the First Sin, additional moths have been added to several other areas throughout the game and have more advanced guaranteed drops.


A large number of Great Moths can be found throughout the Huntsman's Copse, past the Bridge Approach bonfire.

Scholar of the First SinEdit

In Scholar of the First Sin, many non-respawning Great Moths have been added to other various locations in the game. Their presence only serves to provide the player with their guaranteed drops, as long as they keep an eye looking for them.



Note: The following moths only appear in Scholar of the First Sin:


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