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The Greatlance is a pike in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

This lance features a long pole, and was originally intended to be used by knights for jousting.
This weapon is primarily used in charging attacks, and would require tremendous strength and dexterity to be handled by a mere foot soldier.
Skill: Charge
Hold spear at waist and charge at foe. Only, it is important to have good footing.


Found in Lothric Castle.

From the Dragon Barracks, go upstairs and head left to find the Greatlance guarded by a red-eyed Lothric Knight.


This weapon is remarkably terrible. With no particularly unique or interesting aspects, despite slightly above average damage for a spear, it is entirely overshadowed due to its atrocious swing speed, but can still be parried and has no hyper armour.




Reinforced with Titanite.


GreatlanceLothric Knight Long SpearPike
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