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Guardian's Seal
Ring Guardian's Seal
Blue Sentinels - Reward
Allows the player to enter Way of Blue members' worlds to defeat invaders
Icon DaSII Durability 120 Icon DaSII Weight 0.2

The Guardian's Seal is a ring in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

This ring allows the wearer to be automatically summoned to other worlds. Once summoned, the wearer is tasked with defending the master of the world from evil spirits.
Traditionally, this ring is only granted under special circumstances. However, it is currently being freely provided to noble adventurers.


Given to the player by Blue Sentinel Targray upon joining the Blue Sentinels covenant.


Much like the Bell Keeper's Seal, wearing the Guardian's Seal allows the player to automatically come to the aid of invaded Way of Blue members. The player must be human to be summoned.


  • When summoned into the world of a blue apostle, the ring can not be removed.

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