Guiding Light is a skill in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

A candle provides a temporary source of light which reveals additional guidance.


The wielder holds the weapon up in the air. After a brief moment, the wicks on the weapon ignite, providing a source of light and the Seek Guidance effect. Effect lasts for 60 seconds.


Single PlayerEdit

This ability provides both a source of light and a knowledge aid to the player, without requiring them to attune a Miracle or to hold a Torch. This can be a boon for newer players who are unaware of the dangers that lie ahead.


None of the effects provided by this skill are very useful in online play. The torch effect simply increases the odds of an invader or a host's party of finding the wielder, while the message effects are useless in combat.


  • While it does provide the lighting effects of a Torch, the auxiliary effects are not mimicked (e.g., it does not automatically remove the maggot effect from various enemy attacks which increase Bleed buildup).
  • Equipping a Lingering Dragoncrest Ring does not increase the duration of the effect.


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