Gyrm Warriors are enemies in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Warriors of the Gyrm race clad in heavy armor customized for their stout frames. These sturdy opponents can deal massive damage with their improvised Great Hammers while deflecting nearly any blow with the monstrous stone Greatshields they carry. Some have developed proficiency in ranged combat and will throw enormous Greataxes at enemies with frightening accuracy.[1]


Most Gyrm descendants refuse contact with outsiders and live with a sense of deep contempt for those who exiled them.


Gyrm Warriors are found in the Doors of Pharros.


These warriors are slow, but they hit hard. Most of the time they will block rather than attack; this makes them vulnerable to guard breaking. They are also very easy to backstab after performing their overhead strikes and are easy to stagger. Their health pool is in a medium range.


Double Strike: Performs a double overhead strike.

Axe Throw: Throws two axes consecutively.



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