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Headless Gargoyles, also known as Gargoyle Lancers, are enemies in Dark Souls III.


Giant stone gargoyles that guard the Profaned Capital from intruders. There are two variants: one with a spear resembling a lantern and another with a spear resembling a torch, both of which are able to deal Fire damage.

A stronger variant with skull-like head appears later on the rooftops of the Grand Archives.


Found in the Profaned Capital:

  • The first one will attack as the player makes their way along the large bridge that connects the Irithyll Dungeon with the Profaned Capital.
  • Another one will spring into battle near the entrance of the building that leads to the toxic swamp.
  • A third one will also attack midway through a bridge; this time on the one that leads toward Yhorm's arena and that is being bombarded with fireballs from afar.
  • Two more will attempt to ambush the player along groups of Jailer Handmaids in the treasury, one on each wing of the building.


Headless Gargoyles are often positioned on bridges or rooftops so the player should be mindful of their surroundings when engaging them in combat. They will disguise themselves as regular statues and will spring to life when in close proximity, although striking them with a ranged weapon will trigger them early. Their attacks inflict Fire damage and they can block attacks with their wings. If struck during this, they will retaliate with a shunt that can send the player flying.

Gargoyles will often take flight and attempt to strike the player from above before crashing down on top of them. By running underneath when they jump, it is possible to sprint past them.


Item Gargoyle Flame Spear
Gargoyle Flame Spear
Drop Rate ???

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