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Headshots is a gameplay mechanic in Dark Souls.

General InformationEdit

Head shots are performed by shooting either a bow or crossbow at an enemies head. If hit it does extra damage and typically staggers the enemy. When used against human enemies, such as the player, they will always stagger regardless of their poise. The damage bonus that comes with it is dependent on the headgear the stricken person wears, a full helmet blocking more damage than an open-faced one. Interestingly, player characters wearing the Bloated Head take same amount of headshot damage as someone wearing no headgear.

Due to the difficulty of aiming crossbows, they are not well suited to getting headshots as opposed to bows which can be precisely aimed.

High Headshot damage (+50%) Edit

Medium Headshot damage (+30%) Edit

Any headgear that is made out of sturdy materials (stone, iron, steel...) but doesn't cover player's face completely.

Low Headshot damage (+10%) Edit

Any headgear made out of sturdy materials that covers player's face completely. Shooting a limb will deal the same damage bonus, but will not stagger the enemy.

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