Healing is a gameplay mechanic in Dark Souls II.

General informationEdit

Healing restores health, which can be done in a variety of ways and ultimately prevent death. The most basic way of healing is to simply rest at a bonfire.



Item Healing Additional Effect
Crimson WaterCrimson Water Restores 1,500 HP Restores 70% total casts for spells
Divine Blessing IIDivine Blessing Fully restores HP Removes negative status effects contracted
Dragon CharmDragon Charm Restores 1,500 HP Cures the poison status effect
Elizabeth MushroomElizabeth Mushroom Restores 2,000 HP over 44 seconds None
Estus Flask IIEstus Flask Restores from 550 to 800 HP None
LifegemLifegem Restores 500 HP over 11 seconds None
Monastery CharmMonastery Charm Restores 850 HP Cures the poison status effect
Old Radiant LifegemOld Radiant Lifegem Restores 1,300 HP over 29 seconds None
Radiant LifegemRadiant Lifegem Restores 850 HP over 19 seconds None
Rouge WaterRouge Water Restores 850 HP Restores 50% total casts for spells
Small Smooth & Silky StoneSmall Smooth & Silky Stone Restores a very small amount of HP over time None
Smooth & Silky StoneSmooth & Silky Stone Restores a small amount of HP over time None
Token of FidelityToken of Fidelity* Can be used to heal the host None

During PvP, phantoms cannot use healing items. Members of the dragon covenant can heal however.
*Can only be used as a Phantom or Shade.


Spell Healing Uses Slots Faith
Heal IIHealRestores a small amount of HP. Affects nearby allies3-6112
Med HealMed HealRestores a moderate amount of HP. Affects nearby allies2-4118
Great Heal Excerpt IIGreat Heal ExcerptRestores large amount of HP1-3114
Great Heal IIGreat HealRestores a large amount of HP. Affects nearby allies3-6228
Soothing Sunlight IISoothing SunlightRestores a large amount of HP. Affects nearby allies2-4252
Replenishment IIReplenishmentRestores 840 HP over 120 seconds2-5116
Bountiful Sunlight IIBountiful SunlightRestores 840 HP over 120 seconds. Affects nearby allies2-5338
Resplendent LifeResplendent LifeRestores 840 HP over 60 seconds2-5225
WarmthWarmthRestore small amounts of HP every 2-3 seconds. Affects anything in its range4-810


Ring of RestorationRing of RestorationRingRestores 2 HP per second
Ivory King CrownCrown of the Ivory KingHelmRestores 0.6 HP per second
Loyce ShieldShieldRestores 0.6 HP per second
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