Heavy Gems are upgrade materials in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

A gem of infused titanite.
Famously used to forge Farron greatswords.
Used in infusion to create heavy weapons.
A warrior can appreciate a heavy weapon, for they scale effectively with strength.


Firelink Shrine

Undead Settlement

Farron Keep

Painted World of Ariandel


Infusing a weapon with the Heavy property will significantly improve the Strength scaling on that weapon, but compromises the Dexterity scaling by completely removing it, putting emphasis on only Strength after the infusion is done.

Like most other infusions, it will also lower the weapon's base damage slightly. Heavy infusions should only be used if there is a large gap between one's Strength and Dexterity, as if both are nearly equal to one another, the weapon's overall damage after the infusion may be lower than it was prior to.


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