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Heide's Tower of Flame

Heide's Tower of Flame is a location in Dark Souls II.


Heide's Tower of Flame is a semi-flooded and ruined area filled with towers and arches, reminiscent of designs in Anor Londo from Dark Souls. The area is populated almost exclusively by Old Knights

There are three levers in this area, each revealed after defeating the nearby Old Knights: two can make the Dragonrider boss fight much easier by expanding the size of his arena, and the third lowers the drawbridge to the Cathedral of Blue and the Old Dragonslayer boss. The Old Knights will actively pursue fleeing players up to the cathedral's entrance. 

No-man's Wharf can be reached through a series of tunnels underneath the tower after defeating the Dragonrider.

Adjacent locationsEdit


  • Heide's Ruin - The first bonfire is located to the right of the area entrance if arriving from Majula, down a set of stairs near an Old Knight.
  • Tower of Flame - The second bonfire is located above the Dragonrider and cannot be accessed until he is vanquished.


  • Masterless Glencour (white phantom) - Can be summoned from a sign on a ledge next to the Dragonrider's fog gate.
  • Licia of Lindeldt (merchant) - Can be found next to the second bonfire after defeating the Dragonrider. She sells a large variety of miracles, as well as a chime.











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