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The Heide Spear is a spear in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

A spear originating in Heide. A special alloy makes it very durable.
The composition of the alloy of these spears remains a mystery, but in Drangleic the attempt to imitate it resulted in the similar bradden steel.


Dropped from the Heide Knight encountered in The Lost Bastille.

Random drop from the spear wielding Heide Knight in Heide's Tower of Flame (SotFS).


The Heide Spear inflicts both physical and lightning damage.  Like other spears, a useful perk to this weapon is that you can use one-handed weak attacks while holding up your shield, allowing you to deal damage while blocking incoming attacks.  This does less damage than while not holding up the shield, however, and does not have the longer-reaching second attack.


Attack Description
Weak Attack
Very fast thrusts. Further inputs allow rapid chains of multiple thrust attacks.
Strong Attack
Stronger, more precise thrust than Weak Attack. Further input follows up with same attack.
Weak Attack
Short, rapid thrust. Further input follows up with a faster, longer reaching thrust.
Strong Attack
Long reaching, solid thrust. Further input yields the same.
Jump Attack Stab into the ground after a leap.
Running Attack Quickly stab forward with long reach.
Rolling Attack Overhead swing with shorter reach. Hits ground.
Kick Holds spear vertically and swings to the right.
Weak Attack
Same as right hand.
Strong Attack
Same as right hand.
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