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The Heirs of the Sun is a covenant in Dark Souls II. Members of this covenant aid others in their worlds by being summoned as golden phantoms. The Heirs of the Sun covenant operates much like the Warrior of Sunlight covenant from Dark Souls.


None; the player may join the covenant upon reaching the Altar of Sunlight, located in Harvest Valley.


Upon joining; players receive the Sun Seal ring. While in the covenant, player summon signs and phantoms appear as gold instead of white, and the time they can spend in another world is extended.

Upon fulfilling the summon's duty, both the host and phantom receive a Sunlight Medal.  These are used to level up in the covenant. Each gold phantom that fullfills their duty at once will grant the host an additional Sunlight Medal.

Further rewards are granted upon leveling up:

Rank Medals Offered Rewards
+0 - Granted the Sun Seal.  
White summon signs become golden and player appears as a gold phantom
+1 10

Granted the Sunlight Parma

+2 20 Granted the Sun Sword
+3 30 Granted the Sunlight Spear miracle


  • It's not necessary to wear the Sun Seal ring in order to be summoned as Gold Phantom. Being in the covenant is sufficient.
  • It is not necessary to join this covenant in order to gain the Praise the Sun gesture. This gesture is available as soon as the player reaches the Altar of Sunlight.
  • Both Sunlight Spear and the Sun Seal can be used after leaving the Heirs of the Sun, without penalty.
  • Joining this covenant will give the player's summon signs priority over members of other covenants, increasing their chances to be summoned.
  • One does not have to be in the covenant in order to gain the offensive miracle boost granted by the Sun Seal.
  • It is impossible to acquire Tokens of Fidelity from being summoned while part of the Heirs of the Sun.
  • White phantoms will not be given a Sunlight Medal, even if a gold phantom is present.
  • Completing a summon session through the Small White Sign Soapstone will still reward the player with a Smooth & Silky Stone.


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