Hexer Nicholai is a dark spirit in Dark Souls II: Crown of the Ivory King.


He will invade in Frozen Eleum Loyce just after proceeding down an elevator to an area full of Ice Rats.

General informationEdit

He spawns in the pathways above the player, but upon finishing his spawning animation he will rush the player and cast many hexes in rapid succession.




  • Profound Still can prove extremely useful against him, as without being able to cast, he will only be able to use his chime to attack.
  • It's advisable to kill all nearby Ice Rats so they don't interrupt while fighting him.
  • Lure him into the area with multiple pillars to block his spells.
  • Fighting him can be avoided by riding the elevator back up. He will return to his world and won't reappear until the player has rested at a bonfire.



  1. Only if the player is a member of the Company of Champions covenant.