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High Lord Wolnir is a boss in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Lord Wolnir of Carthus sentenced countless souls to gruesome deaths, keen to outlive them all.[1]


High Lord Wolnir is a colossal skeleton adorn with jewelry and a few shreds of clothing. Only his torso up remains of his body.


At the end of the Catacombs of Carthus, the player will come upon a grim chalice. Interacting with it will send the player to the Abyss to face Wolnir.


Once upon a time, each of the rightful lords of Carthus were bestowed crowns judiciously, until Wolnir brought them all to their knees,[2] and conquered most kingdoms known to their people.[3][4] Thus, the crowns of Carthus became one, and Wolnir the one High Lord.[2]

Wolnir eventually succumbed to the Abyss,[5] and in falling, was gripped by a fear of true darkness; so he pleaded to the gods for the first time.[6] He found some semblance of comfort from a holy sword and three armlets stripped from the corpses of clerics. [6] Wolnir sentenced countless souls to gruesome deaths, keen to outlive them all.[1]

After Wolnir's fell to the Abyss, Grave Warden pyromancers discovered the Abyss' black flame and pioneered new pyromancies.[5][7][8]


The key to beating Wolnir is to destroy his bracelets, one on his right hand and two on his left. The boss is surrounded by a black fog that will rapidly drain the player's health so they should not move past Wolnir's arms or body. He will occasionally exhale a blast of this fog that covers a large area in front of him, immediately sprint out of range to avoid it. It is recommended to destroy the right bracelet first as his arm is in closer proximity to the fog.

Wolnir attacks mainly with fist swipes that are relatively easy to evade and can even be blocked with a strong enough shield. After destroying one of the bracelets, he may summon his sword that greatly increases his attack range, it is possible to prevent this by destroying a bracelet whilst he is mid-summon. Occasionally he will call forth Skeletons and Bonewheels to aid him although they will often be destroyed by his attacks.

Although it is not immediately apparent, there is a time limit to this battle. Wolnir is constantly climbing up the incline and although he will be blocked by a wall, the player will have a very small space to evade his attacks and the fog will be almost impossible to avoid. Destroying a bracelet will cause him to slip back down the incline and once all three are broken, he will be consumed by the Abyss.


Item Soul of High Lord Wolnir
Soul of High Lord Wolnir
Drop Rate Guaranteed



  • If you kill him without destroying all three bracelets, he displays a different death animation in which he simply disintegrates like most bosses.
  • Unlike those in the first game, Wolnir's Abyss is actually an enormous enclosed stone cave, and there is even a back wall.
  • A promotional screenshot shows this boss in a large hallway rather than in the Abyss.




Motoi Sakuraba - High Lord Wolnir (Full) (Dark Souls III Complete Original Soundtrack)04:53

Motoi Sakuraba - High Lord Wolnir (Full) (Dark Souls III Complete Original Soundtrack)


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