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Hollow Assassins are enemies in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

These foul assassins present a danger mostly because of their ambush tactics, not as much as their sustained durability in combat. Typically armed with light daggers and throwing knives, they are often hidden in the shadows in room corners or shadowed alcoves. If you spot them early by moving carefully, you can nullify their greatest strength; surprise.


Tall and thin hollow thieves with a cloth covering their heads that like to lurk in the shadows. They come armed with daggers and will frequently throw knives at enemies from medium distance.

Assassins are very agile and experienced in quick combat. They can be usually found in groups and are experts in preparing ambushes. They have, however, little poise and can be staggered easily.

While in combat, they will constantly perform their weapons' skill, Quickstep, to quickly flank their victims and attack them from the sides or from behind, potentially even allowing them to perform a backstab.

While fighting a lone Assassin poses no considerable threat, being attacked by two or more can sometimes prove to be extremely dangerous, as their combined attacks can easily stun-lock the player until death.


  • High Wall of Lothric
    • Three are found in the tower beneath the Tower on the Wall bonfire, the first lurking behind some crates beyond the first Lothric Knight, and the other two on the floor below.
    • Another Assassin can be found on a small terrace adjacent to the side room of the dining area where the second Lothric Knight is encountered.
  • Farron Keep
  • Lothric Castle
    • About five Assassins await in two ambushes prepared on the right path after dropping from the main bridge with the two wyverns.
    • Two Assassins await playing possum on a balcony at the uppermost floor of the right building, just outside of the dining room with a crawling Mimic.


Hollow Assassins are very quick and agile, and portray slightly more HP than their fellow area hollows, so equipping a quick weapon is preferred to deal with them. They have very little poise, though, and simply raising up a shield will usually be enough for them to become staggered as they hit it, allowing for an easy kill.

It is not recommended to confront them in groups, as they can easily flank the player and combine a series of quick flurries, locking them in place until they die.

In Lothric Castle, two groups of Assassins await in ambush along the right path after dropping from the main bridge. A single Assassin will jump down from the wall on the left in the first ambush and two more will jump down in the second. If the player exits and continues the game in this area, upon return the Assassins' hands will be visible at the top of the wall, allowing the player to shoot them with a ranged attack and forcing them to jump down individually.



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