Hollow Infantry are enemies in Dark Souls II.


The Infantry soldiers who defended the Cardinal Tower against the Giants. They remain defending the keep despite their hollowed state.



The Hollow Infantry are one of the weakest enemies in the game. They can be found wielding a sword and shield, an axe, a bow, a dagger or even nothing at all, in which case, they'll fight bare-handed. They have low to very low health and are easily staggered. Sometimes they can play dead, but will arise and can easily surprise the unaware player. The player should be wary of fighting these enemies in large groups as they can overwhelm them.


The dagger wielding ones use a flurry attack similar to the Hollow attack from the original Dark Souls, they also use a single swing and lunge attack.

Sword and shield wielding ones occasionally strike three times in a row and will use their shield to block at times.

Bow wielding ones stay at a distance firing arrows at the player and will switch to a dagger when confronted at close range, using the dagger wielding hollow's moveset.

Axe wielding Infantry can perform a jumping attack which has a decent amount of distance to it and deal considerable damage. They will also do a two-handed downwards chop when close to the player.

Health and SoulsEdit

Variant Health Souls
Bandit's Knife 200 ??? 50 ???
Infantry Axe 240 ??? 50 ???
Foot Soldier Sword & Shield 270 ??? 50 ???
Short Bow 200 ??? 50 ???


Item Lifegem
Throwing Knife II
Throwing Knife
Bandit's Knife II
Bandit's Knife
Infantry Axe
Infantry Axe
Drop Rate 7% 5% 1.5%
(Dagger or Bow Wielder)
(Axe Wielder)
Item Short Bow II
Short Bow
Foot Soldier Sword
Foot Soldier Sword
Foot Soldier Shield
Foot Soldier Shield
Drop Rate 1.5%
(Bow Wielder)
(Sword & Shield Wielder)
(Sword & Shield Wielder)
Item Hollow Infantry Helm
Hollow Infantry Helm
Hollow Infantry Armor
Hollow Infantry Armor
Hollow Infantry Gloves
Hollow Infantry Gloves
Hollow Infantry Boots
Hollow Infantry Boots
Drop Rate 1.5% 1.5% 1.5% 1.5%


  • Despite the fact that they drop Throwing Knives, they do not actually use them in combat.


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