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Hollow Manservants, also known as Giant Hollow Workers, are enemies in Dark Souls III.


Large Hollows with either a cage or a block of wood strapped to their backs. These enemies wield rusty saws or clay pots in combat.



Hollow Manservants are surprisingly fast despite their size and attack with a series of rapid combos that can be fatal if cornered. The saw variant will use a lunging charge at a distance and can perform a frenzy of swipes that inflicts bleed and will quickly drain stamina if blocked, so it is recommended to evade them. The variant with a pot will use it as a projectile at a distance, this will destroy the weapon and it will revert to a saw variant.


Item Rubbish (DSIII)
Titanite Shard (DSIII)
Titanite Shard
Great Machete (DSIII)
Great Machete
Drop Rate ??? ??? ???


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