Hollow Priests are enemies in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Drangleic clerics in the service of the Prowling Magus. How and why they came to serve this evil being is as mysterious as the clerics themselves; it is uncertain whether they even retain their own consciousnesses or are merely extensions of the Magus' will.[1]


Hollow Priests were once clerics of Drangleic who eventually became hollow after meeting their demise and are now controlled by the Prowling Magus. They wear the White Priest Set and wield the Priest's Chime. These enemies attack by casting diverse types of miracles, mainly unleashing powerful lightning spears or healing other enemies in their vicinity.

Two of them can be encountered as part of the Congregation in Brightstone Cove. A black phantom priest can be encountered hiding behind the illusory wall that is next of the Prowling Magus and Congregation boss room (bonfire intensity of +2).

In Scholar of the First Sin, a lone Hollow Priest can be found in the Dragon Aerie, on the side path that surrounds the second Guardian Dragon. It is advisable to deal with him first, lest he starts shooting lightning spears at the player while engaging the dragon.


During the Prowling Magus and Congregation boss battle, the priests should be the player's main targets, due to the fact that they heal all the enemies around them and their attacks are fast and deal high damage. They are relatively slow and can be backstabbed, which usually leads to a fast kill. Hiding behind the benches helps avoiding the priests Lightning Spears.

Occasionally, the priest buffs himself up, making him much more resilient to damage. This buff can also affect other enemies around, but only rarely.


Lightning Spear: After charging up, the priest throws a Lightning Spear.

Heal: The priest kneels down and heals himself and all enemies around him.

Buff: The priest kneels and cast a buff that reduces damage dealt to him. Can also affect other enemies.



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