For the Dark Souls variant, see Hollow Soldier.
For the Dark Souls III variant, see Hollow Soldier (Dark Souls III).

Hollow Soldiers are enemies in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Now Hollowed, these were once Royal Soldiers of the Drangleic Kingdom. Their equipment was constructed by the royal blacksmith from high quality materials, but now it is falling apart. They continue defend the kingdom loyally.[1]


The royal soldier who defended the Cardinal Tower against the Giant. They remain defending the keep despite their hollowed state.


Encountered in the Forest of Fallen Giants.


There are four variants: Halberd soldiers, Greatsword soldiers, Estoc and Shield soldiers and Spear and Shield soldiers.


All variants can be backstabbed which lessens the difficulty of fighting them. The Halberd soldiers can deal large amounts of damage in a single swing, though can be easily interrupted during their attacks like the other variants. After executing their combos they will be left vulnerable to a counterattack.

Bastard sword wielding soldiers attack in quick succession while being able to deal a high amount of damage, there is only a brief chance to strike after they execute their combos. These soldiers only a have a small gap to backstab them as they constantly turn in the player's direction. Those who throw Firebombs at the player will switch to a bastard sword when engaged at close range.

Spear wielding soldiers use mostly lunging attacks with little tracking so they can be easily dodged by strafing to the side, however they can perform a sweeping attack.

Estoc wielding soldiers strike at a medium speed and occasionally in a combo. Sometimes they will use their shield to guard. They are also capable of parrying the player.


Halberd wielding soldiers will combo their attacks by starting with a sweep then a follow up upward swing ended with a downward swing.

Spear wielders perform triple lunges all behind their shield, sometimes tries to strike with their shields as well and has a sweeping attack that they sometimes perform.

Bastard sword wielders combo their strikes aggressively with a quick series of overhead swings and have a charging lunge attack that deals many hits with the first hits dealing little damage and the final hit dealing the full damage. This move is very similar to the lance's charging attack.

Health and soulsEdit

Variant Health Souls
Bastard Sword 260 ??? 90 180
Estoc 250 ??? 90 180
Halberd 280 ??? 90 180
Winged Spear 320 ??? 90 180


Item Firebomb II
Radiant Lifegem
Radiant Lifegem
Bastard Sword II
Bastard Sword
Drop Rate 5%
(Greatsword Wielder)
(Not Greatsword Wielder)
(Not Greatsword Wielder)
(Greatsword Wielder)
Item Estoc II
Halberd II
Winged Spear II
Winged Spear
Hollow Soldier Shield II
Hollow Soldier Shield
Drop Rate 1%
(Estoc Wielder)
(Halberd Wielder)
(Spear Wielder)
(Shield Wielder)
Item Hollow Soldier Helm II
Hollow Soldier Helm
Hollow Soldier Armor II
Hollow Soldier Armor
Hollow Soldier Gauntlets
Hollow Soldier Gauntlets
Hollow Soldier Leggings
Hollow Soldier Leggings
Drop Rate 1.5% 1.5% 1.5% 1.5%



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