Hollow Warriors, also known as Armored Hollows and Armored Zombie, are an enemy in Dark Souls.


They are encountered in Firelink Shrine, and Undead Burg.


Hollow Warriors wear the Hollow Warrior Set and can wield a Broken Straight Sword and Cracked Round Shield; a Battle Axe; and sometimes throw Firebombs. The Firebombers can be identified by the fact that they wield the Broken Straight Sword but no shield. 

Enemy InformationEdit


Respawn Yes
Backstab Yes
Damage Types Regular / Thrust / Fire - Dependent on weapon wielded


Attack Damage Attack Type Status Effect Parryable Tracking Attack Speed
Quick Swing Combo (Sword) 113 Physical None Yes Both Slow
Two Handed Slash (Sword) 158 Physical None Yes Neither Slow
Quick Barrage (Sword) 110 Physical None Yes Neither Fast
Swing (Axe) 144 Physical None Yes Neither Medium
Two Handed Slash (Axe) 169 Physical None Yes Neither Medium
Firebomb 158 Fire None No Neither Medium


Location Physical Defenses Elemental Defenses Resistances
Def atk phy Def atk strike Def atk slash Def atk thrust Def sorc mag Def sorc fire Def sorc lght Def res poi Def res toxic Def res bleed
Firelink Shrine 85 85 85 85 64 60 64 D D D
Undead Burg 85 85 85 85 64 60 60 D D D

These stats are sourced from FuturePress's Official Dark Souls Strategy Guide.


Item Firebomb
Firebomb  ×2
Wpn Battle Axe
Battle Axe
Wpn Shortsword
Drop Rate 10%
(Axe Wielder)
(Sword Wielder)
Item Cracked round shield
Cracked Round Shield
Hollow Warrior Helm
Hollow Warrior Helm
Hollow Warrior Armor
Hollow Warrior Armor
Hollow Warrior Waistcloth
Hollow Warrior Waistcloth
Drop Rate 1%
(Axe & Sword Wielder)
1% 1% 1%


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