A Homeward Bone is an item in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Fragment of an Undead bone, used as fuel for bonfires. Return to last bonfire rested at.
This bone, belonging to an Undead whose journey was cut short, has the mysterious power to travel to bonfires. It's almost as if it seeks to continue its journey...

General InformationEdit

The Homeward Bone can be used from the items menu or equipped in a quickslot for use. When used, the player's character crouches down and uses the homeward bone to teleport to the bonfire that was most recently lit or rested at. It takes a few seconds to activate, so using it when an enemy is about to attack may lead to severe injury or death. Homeward Bones can not be used when there are NPC or player phantoms in the player's world. It is worth noting that using a Homeward Bone will respawn enemies like resting on a Bonfire.


  • Can be chosen as a starting gift.
  • 10 can initially be purchased from Sweet Shalquoir for 600 souls each. When the Shrine of Winter has been accessed, her stock will become unlimited.
  • 8 can be found throghout Majula on corpses.