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Homing Crystal Soulmass is a sorcery in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description

Sorcery boosted by the knowledge Logan acquired at the Regal Archives. Fire homing crystal soulmass.
The mysteries of souls, crystals, and the sorceries are deeply intertwined.


General InformationEdit

Homing Crystal Soulmass is functionally identical to Homing Soulmass, except that it deals more damage and has a steeper intelligence requirement.

Homing Crystal Soulmass activates at a closer range than usual against opponents who wear the Ring of Fog. It will not activate at all against opponents that use Hidden Body.

The number of orbs generated depends on intelligence level, with up to five possible. If orbs make contact with a physical object before meeting an enemy, they fizzle out without dealing damage. Orbs that make contact with the enemy without activating will deal very minor damage to the opponent. The orbs will also disappear if they have not been activated for more than a minute after casting.

The following is a table outlining how many orbs are able to be generated for certain amounts of intelligence.

Number of Soulmasses Para int
2 18
3 19
4 25
5 31

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