Irithyllian Slaves are enemies in Dark Souls III.


The hollowed laborers of the city of Irithyll, these frail creatures blend into their surroundings, making them challenging to locate. In dark areas, only their glowing eyes are visible and they will only appear when close enough to strike.


Found throughout all the city of Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, either on the streets, inside of buildings, cellars, the docks, long staircases, among other locations.


Irithyllian slaves are weak opponents physically; however, their threat comes from the difficulty in locating them. They will often hide in corners, underneath stairs and behind doors to ambush the player, so it is recommended to always mind one's surroundings when navigating the city. Their white eyes give away their location, although their thin form can make them challenging to hit with ranged weapons. As they are always found in packs, the player should progress slowly to avoid becoming surrounded.

Most slaves use claymores, although some can cast projectiles at a distance. They tend to be positioned behind other slaves in an attempt to goad the player toward them, and will flee to another location if pursued.

A few slaves in the basement behind the Church of Yorshka will crawl toward the player to attack them. They can also drop down from above, which leads to a damaging grab attack.

A special, red-eyed banshee variant can be found at the docks after coming out of the cellar. Should she detect the player, she will let out a horrid shriek that will alert all other concealed slaves in the vicinity.


Item Blue Bug Pellet
Blue Bug Pellet
Blood Gem
Blood Gem
Claymore (DSIII)
Drop Rate ??? ??? ???
(ghast warriors)


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