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Iron Flesh is a pyromancy in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description

Pyromancy of Carmina, who harnessed the power of flame to actualize the inner-self. Iron flesh boosts defense and resilience.
Use of this pyromancy requires caution, as the caster becomes exceedingly heavy and unable to move freely.


General InformationEdit

Iron Flesh turns the player's body into metal. During this time, the player becomes metallic and receives greatly increased physical and fire defense, as well as near-unlimited poise. Users are also granted a high deflection bonus to their person, causing many attacks to bounce off them and stagger opponents. However, their movement speed is greatly decreased (reducing their mobility to the point where it's as if they're past 100% their endurance level).


Pre-patch 1.04/1.05, Iron Flesh was immensely powerful and popular for taking down bosses such as the Four Kings and Gwyn, Lord of Cinder. However, it has since been nerfed drastically and is no longer very effective, greatly decreasing the practicality of using it.

Iron Flesh is almost never used in PvP, as the increased defense rarely, if ever, justifies the massive movement penalty.

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