Iron Warriors are enemies in Dark Souls II.


Iron Warriors can be found in the Crown of the Old Iron King DLC in Brume Tower and the Iron Passage.


Hulking warriors made of iron, these enemies are nearly three times the size of the player. They use either the Smelter Hammer or a giant mace that can cause bleed buildup. Lava pours out of one of their shoulders, and although it doesn't deal heavy damage, it will most likely stagger the player if they get caught in it. The lava also may blow up nearby Cask Runners if they come into contact with it. Similarly to Ashen Warriors, Iron Warriors can hide under the ashen ground, and will pop up if the player gets too close.


The best way to go about fighting Iron Warriors is to either attack them from afar (since they have no ranged attacks) or to circle around them and attack after they attack. Their attacks have a long enough recovery for the player to be able to get in a few hits before they start swinging again.


Item Smelter Hammer
Smelter Hammer
Minotaur Helm
Minotaur Helm
Firedrake Stone
Firedrake Stone
Titanite Slab II
Titanite Slab
Drop Rate ??? ??? ??? ???